By Aurora Guzbeth

Whatever our religion, we know that if we really want to love, we must first learn to forgive before anything else.                                                                                 

   Mother Teresa

No doubt, Mother Theresa was a follower of Christ. Yet she did not raise her religion above all-encompassing human issues.

There are many human characteristics that raise above religion, above culture, above any distortion that civilisation or lack of it could bring.

Forgiveness is one of it.

Yet love goes hand in hand with forgiveness.

You cannot love unless you have forgiven. And you cannot forgive unless you love, deeply love – with a supernatural love.

Love is also transcedental.

Mother Theresa’s bible says that God is love.

The Creator, the Supreme Power, the Generating Universe – however you wish to call it, whoever and whatever is out there that is higher than anything and anyone else, is first of all love.

An all encompassing love, that claimed according to the Old Book that created man in his image and even called them gods in there.

So if love is divine, then forgiveness must be also divine.

There is lot spoken about forgiveness – and there is lot spoken about love.

Yet neither one is fully understood. There is much lipservice in both areas.

One wants to love, yet the barriers and walls of unforgiveness are in the way. We do not even understand what they are, we just see how we cannot love, we are incapable of love.

Yes, there are other things that are in the way of love – but all of these are branches of the one root, the unforgiveness.

When my baby was born, I did not feel love toward her.

I only felt an enormous responsibility to raise her, to be an example for her to follow.

It bothered me that I did not feel love toward her – I really wanted to love her, she was my long desired baby, the child that I wasn’t supposed to have and it was a clearly declared miracle that she lived to be delivered and held in my arms.

There were boulders in the way of my love, boulders that I did not know what they were and how I can get rid of them. At first I thought, whatever, I can still care for her.

Yet something happened and I just could not shrug my shoulder saying, whatever. 

Instead, I embarked on a quest – to find out and to be able to freely love my child.

Picture credentials: “high school senior” by Dimattia photography is licensed with CC BY 2.0. To view a copy of this license, visit https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/