The wound…

By Aurora Guzbeth

The wound is the place where light enters you. Rumi

Wounds happen.

In this world you will have inflictions… Even the Creator Himself confirmed this.

Sometimes the wounds are inflicted by other people who we know, sometimes intentionally, sometimes unconsciously.

Sometimes the wounds just happen; no person intentionally caused them, we don’t even know who to blame – we blame God, the Universe, the Destiny… how can this be forgettable, forgivable?

Will this Unperson come and ask forgiveness? Can I say to this Thing „I forgive you“ as to a real Person?

Is anything to forgive when the wound is opened by the passing of a loved one? Or is just eternal sadness,  never to leave again? Does it need forgiveness?

It hurts a lot. In the beginning is extreme, so extreme that we deny it, we throw ourselves into work, into activity, or we are numb, unable to get up…

A soul has left the Earth. Statistically every minute numerous souls leave the Earth – and numerous souls arrive. Just this week there are at least 5 babies that I know of that will arrive.

Yet there is a certain soul, when it leaves – it just hurts. My daughter tried to comfort me seeing me sad when we found out that a dear person to me passed away. „Mom, we will all leave this Earth, sooner or later. We will say good bye to the cat too, I will say goodbye to you too“. Then she started crying: „oh, the time passes so fast, I wish to keep it in place, I wish you live 100 years…“

The wound … is real. Is open, it needs time to heal. How long? Maybe forever? Maybe until we can be reunited with the one parted? I cannot say, my wounds are still hurting after 10 years now.

It comforts me what Rumi says: those wounds are the places where light enters, and light heals. We have to trust in this healing, we must believe that this light and time will bring healing.

Healing and comfort. Souls leave this Earth continously and wounds are ripped open continuously. There must be comfort for those who have fresh wounds.  There must be hope given.

Maybe this is why by design our wounds caused by death will never close: to let out the light that worked inside, to enter into another fresh wound, for comfort. Is the eternal light.

Let this sadness have its work, it multiplies the light and the hope. There will be a reunion.  No matter on which side we end up: there will be a reunion.

Some will have their tears wiped by the Saviour Himself and there will be no more pain.

All those who let the light into the wound – and those who share this light.

It is the Eternal Light.

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