Words create Worlds


Who am I? What am I? What do I do? What am I expert in?

I am a human being stranded on this Earth with a purpose that was communicated to me by an angel at a very young age. Because I was so young, all that I understood was that I am here with a mission and when it is done I will go back home.

I started to ask questions - just to realize that people around me were clueless about my mission and about the home where I will return. I searched for the mission, I searched for that home. Buddhists told me home and mission is Nirvana and the way is meditation; scientists told me that this is it, only Earth and is no way; humanists told me home is in other people and the mission is to help, Christians told me home is in Heaven, with God and the way is Jesus. Nothing felt real and I was desiring to leave the Earth - but I heard the voice again, confirming that I do have a mission and I need to stay here on Earth until it is accomplished. Buddha did not speak to anyone for centuries and at that moment was no scientist or anybody else around me. For me it was clear that there is only one, the Living One, the Creator who even mentioned about having mansions in Heaven, could speak to me. 

At least I found out where my home is and understood who am I: I am a child of God. 

I only needed to find out what my mission was and finish my work.

Over the past 30 years I started on this journey of discovery. I hoped to find the answers in studying the holistic human experience and I built expertise in four fundamental areas of human aspects, in spiritual, mental, emotional and nutritional perspective. On my own quest toward a holistic life conduct I studied natural sciences, computer sciences, the great ancient books - and yes, I have four degrees and a dozen certificates... 

After 30 years I still haven't started on my mission, but at least I got a clue where to start. 

I love to be practical so I decided while studying and searching, I could at least make myself useful in this world. I taught and advised children and teachers, I built three businesses where I served and trained customers and employees in all these four areas, helping many people to step on the path to become more integrated and find a peaceful and healthier way of life.

This project - Word 4 Soul - is closest to my heart and is my next step in the direction toward fulfilling my mission. 

Like with the Little Prince, I want to go home, the moment of my departure is getting closer and there is a mission to be accomplished before I leave.